SEWER Systems


A sewer system is an underground utility system comprised of underground pipes that carries wastewater (sanitary sewer) from homes and business and runoff (storm sewer) from roadways, parking lots and other intakes through a series of underground pipes to a wastewater treatment plant and/or an outlet waterway.  Roloff Construction has over 40 years of experience in constructing simple to complex sanitary and storm sewer systems:

  • 4” - 144” diameter pipe experience
  • 4’ – 40+’ depth experience
  • Concrete, Clay, Ductile Iron, Steel, PVC, HDPE, CCFRPM
  • Gravity Sewers, Force Mains and Siphons
  • Cast In Place Structures


A clean water system is an underground utility system that allows water from a water treatment plant to be conveyed to homes and businesses through a network of underground pipes.  Roloff Construction has over 40 years of experience in constructing simple to complex clean water systems:

  • 1” – 60” diameter pipe experience
  • 42” – 20+’ depth experience
  • Copper, Ductile Iron, PVC, Steel
  • Valves and Valve Structures, Hydrants, Air Reliefs


concrete paving.png

Roloff Construction’s slip-form paving division has over 20 years of experience in grading, site preparation and paving. We use the latest in GPS and total station technology and technology-enabled earthmoving and string-less paving equipment to perform:

  • Accurate grading and other paving preparation activities
  • Pave sidewalks, trails, city streets, residential streets, other roadways, turn lanes and parking lots
  • Our crews are also skilled at concrete handwork and other related concrete applications such as:
  • Form setting and pouring intersections, turn lanes, medians, roundabouts, sidewalks, ramps, and driveway approaches.
  • Form setting and using a screed to pour smaller street projects not conducive to slip-form paving.