This site will help you understand what an overflow is and steps Omaha is taking to reduce raw sewage from overflowing into the Missouri River, Papillion Creek. An overflow, called a CSO, happens during wet weather (rains or snowmelts) when stormwater enters the sewer system along with sanitary sewage and the capacity is inadequate. Currently this occurs about 58 times a year in Omaha


Can you imagine a life without clean drinking water at your tap?  Or a way to safely dispose of your home’s dirty water without harming the environment?  What if the roads and bridges you need to transport yourself and your family to and from work, school and other activities were unsafe or over-capacity?   

Roloff Construction is very active in political advocacy regarding the need for proactive planning and increased investment in our infrastructure.  Every day we see the effects of aged, neglected, over-used/under-sized infrastructure and its effects on public health and safety, economic development and quality of life.  We encourage every citizen to reach out to their elected officials at the city, state and federal level to advocate for investment in infrastructure!   


public safety

Safety is of the highest priority to Roloff Construction.  Our teams are dedicated to making every job site as safe as possible for our employees and equally for the community.  Safety is the first of our core values. 

When we are on a project in your residential or business neighborhood will do everything we can to minimize inconvenience and disruption.  As the need arises, we will communicate specific project information to you via door fliers, and/or emails through your neighborhood association or homeowners association.  Please review the information thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions. 

We will do all that we can to eliminate risk and ask that the public read and follow our SAFETY GUIDELINES.  Working together, we can all be safe!


Construction project sites are an “attractive nuisance” to children.  They will be curious and fascinated by the big equipment, dirt piles, pipe and many other things that must remain on a site throughout the duration of a project.  If there is a construction project in your neighborhood it is EXTREMELY important that you follow these guidelines and go over them with your children. 


From time to time, weather events, vandalism, careless motorists/citizens will create safety issues while we are not on the project site.  If you see this type of situation or if you have any other concern about safety on one of our project sites, please call our office immediately at 402-861-1721.  If you call after hours, you will be prompted to leave a message on our emergency hotline and the appropriate individuals will be contacted and will follow up with you. 

If you are witnessing crime or vandalism on one of our project sites, please call your local police department immediately. 

We will do our best to keep our project site safe and minimize disruption and inconvenience to residents and businesses.  If you have concerns regarding access, mobility, transportation, etc., please contact our office and we will have our Project Manager and/or Project Superintendent get in touch with you.